Repairing your iPhone is easier than you think

Many people have had problems with their iPhones, whether it be from screen cracks to battery replacement, smart phones break. With that reality in mind, you have to decide how you want to go about repairing it. Taking it in to be repaired can cost over a hundred dollars or more. Sometimes if your iPhone is out of warranty, the only option is to fix it yourself. Don’t be intimidated, fixing an iPhone is way easier than it sounds, no matter what the issue is. No matter what the problem is, you can always find a step by step tutorial on how to fix it on Youtube. If all else fails, visit your local repair shop like nyc iphone repair.

For example, replacing the iPhone battery is a lot easier than it sounds. I took my phone to Apple to do it and they wanted $80 just to change the battery. I took it home, bought the battery on eBay and repaired myself for a total of $8! Often times when you buy spare parts like screens or battery, the tools needed to fix it come with the repair parts. They’re proprietary tools, so you can’t use any existing tools you might have.
iPhone screen repair

How to replace battery

To open up your iPhone and replace the battery, start by using the tool you received with the battery to unscrew the two screws at the bottom of your phone. The back cover should the slide off and expose the battery. Towards the bottom left there are two small Phillips screws that secure the connector to the phone. Take them out, which will allow you to remove the battery. Your battery kit should have come with a small plastic pry bar to allow you to peel off the connector from the phone. Use this to avoid damaging any electrical components.

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