Report: Schools to Replace Computers with iPads During the Next Five Years

Remember the days when students had to carry massive backpacks around everywhere? Well, these days are nearly over, in the next five years all the schools in the United States are expected to have adopted tablets. These will be replacing many textbooks. This is good news for Apple as the iPad is the main tablet that they are considering at the moment as it seems that it is the only one worth considering for them.

Piper Jaffray did a survey where the 5 education directors were interviewed and they all said that they were using the iPad. While other surveys showed that not a single school epmloyee was reported to be using Android tablets. This gives the iPad a clear advantage over any other competitor.

Now a days the iPad has become preferred over the normal computer  as it helps individual learning which is become much more popular that before. Ron Johnson said today that:

“This could be the last generation with backpacks.”

So this seems to be the future of learning and technology is being introduced in everything these days I see it as a positive move to move it to the education system too. What do you think about this?


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