Rovio’s Rovio Account: Helping gamers save game states across devices

Doubtless, you’ve heard of Rovio Entertainment, makers of the internationally acclaimed Angry Birds.

Also responsible for churning out quality casual games like Bad Piggies and developing the movie-game tie up for The Croods, Rovio’s name has somewhat become synonymous with quality mobile games, games which are built to be truly entertaining, engaging and more fun.

While the Finnish developer hasn’t exactly rolled out a new industry changing feature, its new Rovio Account certainly gives more value to those who’ve purchased Rovio’s superb game titles.

All in all, Rovio Account is essentially a service offering, one that allows Rovio game players the capacity to “synchronize” their in-game stats across various devices. From PC to Mac, Android to iOS, the service also offers support to other mobile operating system platforms, including Windows Phone and Blackberry.

By registering for a Rovio Account, Angry Birds players no longer have to lose their game progresses when they buy a new device, just as users could have various saved in-game statuses in multiple gadgets.

One nifty thing about the service is that Rovio Account holders are not obligated to register every time they wish to play a Rovio game, giving them the option of accessing its featured services at their discretion.

While hard earned power-ups and other in-game highlights will continue to be rooted on a device, signing up for a Rovio Account makes the process of dealing with levels and stages quick and easy, with the least amount of hassle involved.

Have you signed up for a Rovio Account already?

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