Rumor: A Redesign iPhone 5

With the iPhone 4S only just being launched rumors about the next Apple iPhone are already beginning to surface. We have seen reports by CNet stating that iPhone 5 will have a major redesign. And we have all heard this before even before the launch of the iPhone 4S. Remember the tear drop design iPhone 5?

CNet got this infromation from two sources:

– The first being from the analyst Ashok Kumar at Rodman & Renshaw, who claims that Steve Jobs was greatly involved in the next iPhone, he also thinks that we will be seeing some of the features that we have been hearing about regarding the design, including getting a slimmer iPhone and a wider screen.

– The other source claims to have information about the redesign stating that the iPhone 5 is expected to have a completely new redesign as Steve Jobs was known to have dedicated all is time to the new redesign of the iPhone 5.

We at SmashiPhone also think that the iPhone 5 will have a new design, as if you look  at Apple’s pattern of introducing phone you will find that the iPhone 3G and 4 we completely new designs and then later was added internal improvements with the iPhone 3GS and 4S. Therefore following this trend the next iPhone, we will probably be seeing changes in the design.

Via Macrumors

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