Rumor has it: Google intent on acquiring WhatsApp

As a cost effective SMS alternative for the iOS, WhatsApp is one app-service suite that doesn’t require lengthy introductions, considering how popular it is as a product for iPhones and iPads.

In our previous post, we talked about how What’sApp is intent on implementing an annual subscription-based business model for its iOS variant this year, reminding iPhone and iPad users with WhatsApp installed to be keen on updates or announcements issued by the company.

Rumor Google negotiating $1 billion acquisition of WhatsApp

Today, we’ll be touching up on an ongoing rumor revolving around WhatsApp, one which notes that Google is well on its way in negotiating for the acquisition of WhatsApp.

Based on a report by Digital Trends, Google is revealed to be “playing hardball” in its alleged move in buying the messaging suite, rumored to have even gone as far as offering $1 billion for the product.

Should Google actually get to own WhatsApp, it is foreseen that the brand would essentially utilize its messaging capacities and capabilities in unifying a number of Google’s message-based service offerings like Hangout, Voice and Talk.

With more and more mobile users gunning for premium rated mobile subscription options, the lucrative prospects inherent in SMS replacement suites cannot be easily snubbed as a market area with a huge buying power potential.

With Facebook and Google rumored to have had initiated acquisition discussions with the WhatsApp team in the past, the prospect of Google intent on truly owning WhatsApp is one which may just be a possible reality, considering how ingrained mobile internet habits are becoming as the mainstay standards of today.

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