Rumor Has It: “iPhone 6” won’t be out ‘till 2014

While Android fans are highly anticipating the unveiling of Samsung’s Galaxy S4, word has recently come out that Apple’s next iPhone version won’t roll out until 2014.

Business Insider, based on a report by Jeffries analyst Peter Mark, shares that the next iPhone iteration will have a hard time making its debut in October this year, due to constraints related to manufacturing.

Focusing on its screen, the report notes that Apple’s plans of releasing a 4.8 inch iPhone, whose screen construction could prove to be a matter of concern for the Cupertino-based brand’s suppliers.

While the report does back the rumors of two more new iPhone versions to be rolled out this year – a low-cost version to come out by June and the “iPhone 5S” to follow – it’s sources reiterate that issues related to Apple’s “in-cell” approach in constructing their screens proves to be a matter which supply yields won’t be able to match up.

Given the ongoing rumors of Apple and Samsung in the process of officially severing ties with each other, the forecasts of Mark alludes a hint of reality, considering that Samsung has been Apple’s longest running suppliers for parts and components.

As a toll manufacturer, Samsung has the experience and capacity to deliver components as they are expected, and with the ongoing “feud” between the two brands, the question as to who can take Samsung’s place proves to be a tough one to solve for Apple.

Though far from being an exact statement of fact, the rumor does bear significant weight, won’t you say?

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