Rumor Has It: Low-cost “iPhone 5S” reported to come in expanded body color options

The latest rumor revolving around the alleged low-cost “iPhone 5S” talks about how it would come in an expanded selection of body color options.

Given the fact that Apple has been adamant in maintaining a strict standard when talking about the color schemes and designs of its products, the rumor has sparked quite a lot of interest worldwide.

As reported in the Japanese Mac Otakara Blog, the report’s author shares that the low-cost “iPhone 5S” will be made available in a limited production number of 1,000 units, intended as a “field test” of sorts for the said device.

Rumor Has It  Low-cost “iPhone 5S” reported to come in expanded body color options
The low-cost iPhone variant, though a low-cost version of the iPhone, will still remain to be exclusive to Apple’s flagship mobile device.

Based in the report, the alleged body color options that’ll be sported by the low-cost iPhone are pegged as gray, white, navy, orange and gold. An additional body color range including pink, yellow orange, green and blue is reported to be part of the body color options available for the device.

It’s difficult to authenticate how accurate the low-cost iPhone rumors are, along with its rumored new available body color scheme, given how the Cupertino-based brand has been secretive in the release of its upcoming products.

But if it is an indication, it’s a well known fact that a mobile device’s body color does bear certain weight in terms of its value in the retail market, with black and white iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S having their own respective values as individual mobile devices.

Should Apple really roll out a low-cost iPhone that comes in a wide gamut of body color options, which one will you be getting?

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