Rumor Has It: New Apple TV won’t make headlines with rumored iPhone launch

apple_tv_plasmaWhile anticipation over the unveiling of Apple’s new iPhone (or iPhones) is at the top of countless blogs and tech-centered media outfits, a new rumor delving into the alleged launch of Apple’s latest Apple TV with the new mobile devices has recently come up, primarily saying one thing: a new Apple TV won’t make its debut.

A report from AllThingsD shares that though a new Apple TV won’t be making its debut, new software upgrades may just be what’s in store, with the said upgrades devoted in enhancing the current device model’s features, including new content, functionality and channels.

The report notes that people who are familiar with Apple’s roadmap don’t see the possibility of a new Apple TV happening with the iPhone launch, with speculations noting that the Cupertino-based company is more keen on a software refresh than a hardware refresh.

The “set top boxes”, as they are, are currently more than capable of being of service to their users, and a software refresh is viewed to be more practical and realistic, with rumors noting that a new software upgrade would afford users with new features like allowing users to play user-owned content to other Apple TV units without requiring them to log out.

Other rumors note that the software update involves the setting up of dedicated channels, including Smithsonian, Weather, Vevo and Disney. The “second screen” capabilities is also part of the roster of rumors involving the said software update.

What do you think? Think Apple won’t be rolling out a new Apple TV by the time the new iPhone or iPhones are announced?

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