Rumor of Apple-Intel partnership once again crops up

In May 2011, talk of an Apple-Intel partnership on the works was rife, given how mutually beneficial such a partnership would boast for both IT entities.

Apple-Intel partnershipA report from the Chicago Tribune once again revives the said rumor, noting that there is currently an alleged set of negotiations between Apple and Intel. Based on the report, Intel is revealed to be entertaining the prospects in manufacturing the ARM-based SoC’s for Apple’s new iOS-driven mobile devices.

Given that Intel has made a specialty out of producing processors, the step up in Intel developing ARM-based Apple-designed chips can not be described as impossible, considering the fact that Intel could just easily iron out any kinks related to manufacturing chips for the Cupertino-based IT giant.

Being a major player in the IT sector itself, an Apple partnering with Intel could also lead to the development of more robust, more features-driven chips for the brand, just as Intel could gain valuable experience necessary in designing and enhancing its own set of mobile chips and processors.

With IT standards evidently going mobile today, an Apple-Intel partnership proves to be a win-win scenario for both involved parties, with each side offering the key strengths they are respectively known for to each other.

But just as lucrative as an Apple-Intel partnership would be, the same could be said of an Intel-Samsung partnership, though rumors of such an ongoing deal hasn’t cropped up.

Should Apple and Intel actually become industry partners, would it stand as reason enough for you to actually be more adamant with your iDevice purchases?

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