Rumors of Facebook Home for the iOS quickly shot down

A report recently featured by Bloomberg has been the subject of piqued interests, touching up on the prospects of Facebook Home for the iOS.

However, just as quick as the report went viral, another report by The Next Web cited a source “inside Facebook”, saying that the social network giant is currently not entertaining the thought of rolling out Facebook Home for Apple’s line of portable devices.

facebook iosThe Bloomberg report essentially touched up on a rumored ongoing discussion between Facebook and Apple in rolling out Facebook Home for the iOS. Facebook talks with Microsoft had also been mentioned in the report, indicating the potential release of Facebook Home for the mobile variant of Windows.

The Next Web report essentially “gunned down” the reported talks between Facebook, Apple and Microsoft regarding Facebook Home, just as it notes that there are no strained relations between Facebook and Apple and Microsoft.

As a homescreen replacement option, Facebook Home was announced last April 4, and was officially made available for download and installation on April 12.

Developed for the Android mobile operating system, questions regarding an iOS variant of the homescreen replacement suite had been raised, with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg noted to say that an iOS variant of the suite would require a partnership with Apple.

On its initial availability, the suite is noted to be available only in the US, just as it is designed to work with a select number of handset models.

Think a Facebook Home for the iOS will really roll out?

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