Rumors of late- The next iPhone’s Processor and Specs

With its said release date coming close, a number of rumors pertaining to the next iPhone have come about, with one touching up on the mobile’s processor speed and specs, a new rumor which stands apart from the “established” talk regarding the next iPhone’s 4 inch screen size.

Said to come with an advanced version of the A5 processor, the next iPhone is rumored to come with a more enhanced processor version, dubbed as the S5L8950X (ARM type), which is essentially a different processor model found on iPhone 4S units.

Also, talk about the next iPhone having a bigger RAM or system memory has been matched with the rumors of its advanced processor, with most indicating that it would have 1 GB of RAM. There have also been talk about improvements in the next iPhone’s chassis, which is said to have been designed to accommodate more space for higher capacity batteries.

Many, with the slated processor and specs of the next iPhone, liken the unit with the iPad 2’s specs, which pretty much puts the next dual-core iPhone close to the tablet model.

Some months back, talk of Samsung NOT being one of the subcontracted brands in manufacturing the next iPhone’s screen had been rife, and given the recent legal battles between Apple and Samsung, it’s starting to look like Samsung is indeed not going to take part in the creation of the next iPhone’s 4 inch screen.

How the next iPhone would fare without Samsung’s expertise in the creation of screen will have to wait until the next iPhone officially comes out.

For now, rumors of late tell of the next iPhone’s enhanced processor and bigger RAM features, making it more of a tablet than an iPhone.

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