Rumors surrounding this year’s iPads

Talking to AppleInsider, the analysis of KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo has once again sparked a range of rumors revolving around Apple’s planned product refreshes this year, specifically focusing on the iPad line.

Based on Kuo’s information, 2014’s iPads are most likely going to be powered by an A8 CPU, to be matched with Touch ID fingerprint sensors – apart from boasting an improved 8 Megapixel primary camera.

Most likely, the new iPad is bound to bear the iPad Air 2 moniker.

The new iPad Mini with Retina display, as shared by Kuo, will also be getting an A8 and Touch ID update, even though the product line didn’t exactly hit expected sale figures when it was initially introduced into the market.

ipad 2

Based on Kuo’s expert opinion, the iPad Mini with Retina display’s poor sales figures can be attributed to how thicker the tablet is, a form factor that hails from its high resolution display. The upcoming refresh of the iPad Mini with Retina is noted to still bear the same form factors, only with the additional upsides of a refreshed processor and enhanced fingerprint sensor.

With regards the rumored “iPad Pro” – or what is widely known as the rumored 12.9 inch sized iPad, Kuo is skeptical about its unveiling this year, indicating that the new product is more likely going to make its debut by 2015.

Convinced that Apple is not only looking into its size factor, Kuo is also convinced that Apple is most likely going to be busy thinking up of enhanced usability features for an iPad of its size.

With Kuo’s long running reputation for being spot on with his “forecasts”, think he’s right this time around? Or will Apple actually do the impossible and actually churn out a 12.9 inch iPad this year?

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