Run Windows 7 On Your Mac By Parallels Desktop 7 (Video)

Do you want to run windows 7 on your Mac ? that’s not impossible now.Parallels Desktop 7 is the app that make you enable from set up windows 7 ,Linux and Snow Leopard Server on your Mac easily .

Parallels claims that the new version of Parallels is 60 percent faster than Parallels Desktop 6 when resuming Windows and that it offers a 45 percent faster 3D graphics experience. Although performance is a big plus the real improvements are linked to Mac OS X Lion, since Parallels Desktop 7 now supports full-screen mode, Launch Pad, and Mission Control while running Windows applications.

The two biggest enhancements in Parallels Desktop 7 are tied to your Mac’s built-in camera and Mac OS X Lion. Parallels 7 can take advantage of your Mac’s iSight or FaceTime camera in both Windows and Mac OS X simultaneously. It can also now host Mac OS X Lion in a virtual machine which is something I’m sure developers will love.

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