Samsung adds iPad Mini and 4th Gen iPad in patent infringement suit

In what can now be described as “not surprising news”, Samsung recently filed a motion to include the iPad Mini and the 4th Gen iPad by Apple in an upcoming patent infringement suit against the Cupertino-based brand.

A report from The Verge is ascribed to have first reported the news, with the report noting that Samsung had filed the motion last Wednesday.

Samsung adds iPad Mini and 4th Gen iPad in patent infringement suit

The report also reveals that the upcoming suit’s proceedings is foreseen take place sometime in 2014, and will take place in the same court where the much publicized $1.05 billion “win” for Apple VS Samsung happened last August.

The motion to include the recently released iPad Mini and 4th Gen iPad involves alleged patent infringements delving into UMTS-based wireless technologies (two of them) found in the two portable/mobile devices. To some extent, the grounds covered by the motion are not all that different to the details of the motion Samsung had filed against the iPhone 5 last October.

Apple had recently updated its filed patent infringement cases against the Galaxy Note 10.1, including the Galaxy-specialized version of the Jelly Bean Android operating system, which had pretty much included Google in the whole “patent wars” going on between Apple and Samsung.

Samsung’s famed Galaxy S III, along with the Galaxy Note’s “phablet” or phone-tablet convention, had also been included in the suit.

It is difficult to foresee how the ongoing “patent wars” would end, but it is hoped that it is the end users, the electronic consumer market, who would greatly benefit from all of the ongoing legal debacles going on between the two smartphone and mobile gadgetry leaders.

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