Samsung fights back

A number of reports have lately been circulating online, touching up on Samsung’s intention to run a series of “anti-Apple” advertisements focusing on a comparative take on the Korean brand’s Galaxy S III and Apple’s recently debuted iPhone 5.

With the said advertisement keen on jotting down the specifications of the Galaxy S III, the ad is also reported to highlight specific-to-S III compatible software, with tilt-and-zoom and wireless photo sharing features being at the top of the list.
samsung fights back
The said ad is noted to not mention anything iPhone-features-specific-wise for the iPhone 5, with the implication that the said smartphone is inferior to the Galaxy S III.

Though an ad with such a take is bound to be subject to interpretation, the past months’ reported “courtroom meet up” between Apple and Samsung in the US has a lot to say about what Samsung is saying in hidden undertones. After all, the Korean smartphone maker was pegged to have been the “loser” in that particular encounter.

During its unveiling, the iPhone 5, through the new and improved iOS 6, was showcased to come with a lot of nifty features, with internal integration to different online services like Twitter and Facebook.

However, a number of those integrations can be attained by the S III through the ‘droid’s highly customizable aspect, which pretty much puts the two mobiles at a draw. Still, given that the said release of the advertisement is still a rumor, it is interesting to see how Apple would react to its release, should that actually happen.

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