Samsung pays Apple in 1.049 billion in coins?

Following after Apple’s win in the mutual patent infringement case against now-smartphone global leader Samsung, a newsbit, albeit fraudulent, has earned a significant following among netizens, Apple and Samsung followers.

With the newsbit’s lead noted to say that “Samsung paid Apple its $1bn fine by sending more than 30 trucks to Apple’s headquarters loaded with nickels [5-cent pieces]”, the “story” has been the topic of numerous humor sites and social network discussions, with many simply pegging the whole thing as a “touché” moment for the Samsung camp.

However, as funny as the “story” is, it is not true.

Though the jury’s verdict over the matter leaves Samsung liable to pay Apple $1.049 billion, the case’s judge has actually yet to come up with a ruling, which means that as of now, Samsung is only obligated to pay their lawyers.

The judge has yet to come up with an actual decision over how much Samsung is liable to pay, with a final decision slated to be initially due by September 20, though there’s talk that that has been moved to December 6. Rumor has it that the slated $1.049 billion could actually double and triple once a final decision would have been made.

The original story is attributed to hail from 9gag, a site which is known for featuring fake Facebook posts, typically screenshots of the Facebook accounts of celebrities and personalities which had been edited to accommodate fraudulent posts and content.

As funny as the newsbit’s story is, it stands to be another online hoax or gag, whichever way its reader would take it.

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