Samsung’s LCD ties with Apple

A report hailing from Korea Times came out last Monday, claiming that Samsung had decided to stop taking bulk LCD production orders from Apple.

The report notes that Apple had been too heavy in requesting for discounts in filing for LCD production requests and orders, and that Samsung had had enough, deciding to simply halt the making of LCD’s for Apple’s line of iDevices.

But as fast as the news spread out, a report from CNET released today indicates that Samsung has actually not cut any ties with Apple, with the CNET report quoting a response from Samsung, saying: “Samsung Display has never tried to cut the supply for LCD panels for Apple.”

Samsung’s LCD ties with Apple
As the first Korea Times report attributes its source as an unnamed “Samsung official”, the CNET report bears more weight given the fact that its source is properly named.

As it is no secret that both Samsung and Apple are engaged in the now-infamous “patent wars”, the news of Samsung opting to halt the production of LCD panels for Apple was generally accepted without any second thoughts from those who had heard it.

Given the heated courtroom arguments raised by Apple’s and Samsung’s lawyers, word of Samsung no longer supporting Apple in the production of LCD panels like the Retina Display somewhat seemed to make sense when heard at face value.

For now though, it appears that the LCD relationship shared by Samsung and Apple remains to be the same, based on Samsung’s response in the CNET report.

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