Save iPhone 4S Battery (How-To)

How to decrease iPhone 4S battery drain ? Many iPhone 4s owners are complaining from the drain of the battery caused by iOS 5. Here’s a few tips that will make the battery of yours iPhone 4S works longer .

Here’s the effective tips to save iPhone 4S battery lifetime :

Turn off Personal Hotspot: Go to Settings > Personal hotspot

Turn off Notifications : Go to Settings > Notifications

Turn off Location Services: Go to Settings > Location Services


Turn off Vibration : Go to Settings > Sounds

Turn off iCloud Backup  : Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage and Backup .

Turn off Cellular Data : 
Turn 3G  service off and use WiFi where it possible .Go to Settings > General > Network

Turn off Automatic Email Checking : Go to Settings > Mail > Fetch New Data > Push

Turn on Auto-Lock for Screen – Keep the auto lock feature for 1 minutes . Go to Settings > General > Auto-Lock

Turn Auto-Brightness : Go to Settings > Brightness

If this tips for saving iPhone 4S battery time works with you, please let us know via comments below .