“Scan & Go” reportedly being “field tested”

As the credit card and debit cards have become safe and convenient modes of paying for purchases and/or other transactions, a number of developments in technology have explored the potential of bringing the same security and convenience benefits featured by credit cards/debit cards, maximizing the ready availability of camera-enabled smartphones capable of “linking up” with online savings accounts or alternative purchase credit points.

Reportedly, Wallmart is said to be in the process of “field testing” the “Scan & Go” app, with iPhones basically being utilized in paying for purchases and checkouts.

“Scan & Go” reportedly being “field tested”
Essentially, the app works with a camera-capable smartphone, utilizing its camera in facilitating the process of keying in a given item’s price and product description details. The said report notes that the retail conglomerate has utilized “Smart & Go” in its self checkout system, a system which had been systemically designed to allow shoppers to “facilitate” their own purchases through the app and their mobile.

The previous system for self-checkouts was primed to make long queues to the checkout counter a thing of the past, working with scales designed to graduate and weigh shopping bags basing ideal weights on the number of items a shopper puts in the bag.

Given the amount of detail put into the implementation of the self-checkout system, it is interesting to see how the “Smart & Go” integration to the system would go, along with how readily accepted it would be as a new alternative to credit cards and/or debit cards.

With the active proliferation of camera-enabled smartphones, like the iPhone, it appears that the feasibility of such a system looks promising.

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