Security Flaw Warning for iDevice Users on iOS 6.1

While the iOS 6.1 mobile operating system for Apple’s line of portable devices had rolled out without problems, reports of a security glitch in the new version have come up.

Essentially an issue with the new version’s lockscreen, the glitch makes it easy for anyone to bypass an iPhone’s passcode, effortlessly allowing access to the contents (contacts, photos and voicemail) stored in the phone.

Security Flaw Warning for iDevice Users on iOS 6.1
The “bypassing bit” can be easily done by making an emergency call, then quickly hanging up while holding down an iPhone’s power button. Once done, any user can easily gain access to an iPhone’s contacts list, as well as access voicemail.

The glitch also allows for access to an iPhone’s photos, through the process of adding photos to a contact entry. The glitch, however, doesn’t compromise stored emails or email accounts.

In 2010, a similar glitch was found in the iOS version 4.1, with that case involving ready access to an iPhone with a passcode without even knowing about what the code is.

Tested on an iPhone 5 running on iOS 6.1, the glitch stands to be a serious matter which, Apple is sure to fix, soon.

Until that fix is officially rolled out, iPhone users with the iOS 6.1 running are advised to regularly check for updates, as well as to keep a keen eye on their phones, in avoiding instances when unauthorized access would take place.

Has anyone out there tried to check if this glitch happens on iPhone handset models other than the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S? Do post your discoveries in the comments section below.

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