See how iPad 3 will look like

Five month’s ago the iPad 2 was released for the first time it was awesome to deal with such a device with theses facilities and sources of fun and the beautiful design and the HD screen for sure this device has great success all over the world and still having till now,but here is the surprise that after 5 months of iPad 2 there are rumors about iPad 3

releasing soon may be in the end of this year or in the beginning of 2012 many reports show that all over the world one of them as we post later was about apple testing new 2048×1536 HD screen manufactured by Samsung and LG

And especially when we know what Guilherme Schasiepen said the guy who has previously also made mockups of the iPhone 5 according to him the next genration ipad 3 will be as following :

For Guilherme, the new iPad will be even thinner than the current (about 7.4 mm), has a curved rear glass, a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and video recording in Full HD 1080p, new antennas, high- stereo and speakers, as could not miss, Retina display and front camera FaceTime HD.


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