Setting up your iPhone for internet radio

A “radio feature” may not come as an appealing feature to be found in a mobile, but in no way does this mean that nobody listens to the radio anymore.

In fact, the growth and popularity of streaming internet radio tells a lot about how radio has evolved, not only existing with the airwaves being its covered scope, but also now including the net as its newfound frequency range.

With mobiles like the iPhone designed with internet capabilities, their prevalence has become an ideal platform for streaming internet radio, only requiring net access and streaming radio functions from a mobile device’s default web browser.

However, using a mobile’s default browser for streaming internet radio tends to be a problem, particularly when a browser has to be closed. Thankfully, iPhone users don’t have to use their phone’s browser to stream internet radio content.

Here’s a quick take over how your iPhone can better stream internet radio media.

1. iTunes isn’t just about playing, organizing or purchasing music. You can stream internet radio via iTunes and opening it would be your first step.

2. From the iTunes interface, go to “Advanced Settings”. You will find a number of iTunes settings options in that page. What you are looking for is the input area for where you can put in an internet radio’s stream URL.

3. Once you find the streaming internet radio URL input area, simply jot down the URL or paste it from your browser. Tap on “OK”, and iTunes would automatically stream internet radio content.

Simple, quick and easy, streaming internet radio media is possible with the iPhone via iTunes. Just bear in mind that if you do stream internet media, the process involves online network activity and may affect your iPhone’s internet subscription rates.

Unless you’re on an unlimited online access plan, then there nothing to worry about. What stations do you regularly listen to anyhow? Care to share some of them here?

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