SFDP Wants CCTV Footage for Lost iPhone Investigation

Reports have been received by CNET this afternoon that SFPD asked for surveillance footage from Cava 22  bar in San Francisco’s Mission District. The claimed that an Apple employee has lost the still to be launched fifth generation iPhone. The SFPD has requested to see surveillance footage of the dates July 21st and 22nd and not when the iPhone actually went missing only the days preceding it. They have been known to assist Apple to search suspected homes.

Lt, Troy Dangerfield, spokesman for SFPD was quoted:

“I wasn’t aware that investigators had gone to the bar or were looking for the videos.”

He also stated that Apple had not gone to the police to file a report, and there has still been no investigations connected to the missing devices. He finally commented on the police’s request for the surveillance footage to be a part of an internal review launched this month by department officials into how police assisted Apple, and will not be used in the actual investigation.

The investigation is now becoming deeper and deeper, however there are concerns on how the investigation into the missing iPhone prototype will take place. It seems that the SFPD wants answers and will not be happy with no one being convicted. We are waiting to see the full story of what happened on October 4th when all the details are expected to be reviled.


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