Sharp and Apple reportedly in “renegotiation” with the use of Sharp’s IGZO display technology

News of Apple reportedly in “renegotiation” with Sharp have recently come up, touching up on the further implementation of Sharp’s IGZO display technology in the next generation of iPads and iPhones.

In a report featured in Patently Apple a few days back, Sharp is revealed to have halted the production and supplying of its IGZO displays to Apple, a status which is borne from a low profitability status.

Sharp Ends IGZO LCD Panel Supply to Apple
However, a report from DigiTimes talk of Apple’s interest in reutilizing the LCD panel technology, evaluating the use of IGZO panels in the new installments of the iPad and iPhone, as well as looking into the options available in other LCD developers.

The “stigma” of Apple’s and Samsung’s ongoing “patent war” is alleged to have brought Apple to such a conundrum, though no evidence proves this to be so.

As a screen, Sharp’s IGZO first rolled out in late 2011, with its name taken after indium, gallium and zinc oxide.

Reported to be thinner and more efficient in comparison against the screens found in Apple’s current line of iDevices, low yield rates are noted to have prompted Apple from taking a more introspective look at other available options.

Given how crucial screen sizes and screen resolutions have become as specific gadget specs being looked into by electronic consumers, the reasons as to why interest in screens have become more defined can be described as self explanatory.

Proving to be pivotal in the delivery of quality graphics-driven applications and games, interest in screens are essentially not surprising to hear of at this point and time.

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