Siri Can't Understand your Accent (Interesting Videos)

We have all been talking about how great the Siri application is. We have a video which you can see above that it can’t really handle non-native languages for the languages that it knows, which are: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, or Germany. Which could be understandable if someone people I know (and we’re supposed to be cleverer than phones) do struggle when trying to understand foreigners. So to be honest I can’t say I blame it.

However, it is disappointing when you buy an iPhone 4S and you find that i  does not understand you. I think Apple should aim to add all languages to Siri to meet all customer requirements.

Below is another video that sets how Siri reacts to an Australian accent when settings are set to Australian and then American. It does really notice the difference. Interesting!


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