Siri On iPhone 4 is Being Tested By Apple — Seeds Internal Build (REPORT)

JailbreakNation released a report stating that they think that Apple did not make Siri exclusively for the iPhone 4S. They are stating that Apple are thinking about a port for Siri to the iPhone 4. The report says,

“There’s a big chance that we see Siri coming to older devices officially from Apple itself.”

Reports claim that Apple is testing iPhone 4 with ported Siri, the personal assistant, by giving the devices to their employees to see how they will work. However, jailbreaker will be able to carry out the port without an official port being provided by Apple.

Other sources have claimed,

“Apple has been restoring employees to stock software, not wanting them to use it in the public where it might be seen.”

Well, to be honest we are not surprised by this. It will not be strange if Apple are indeed planning to carry this out. However, this means that they know that Siri can be run on older Apple devices.

AppAdvice reported something on the same subject saying,

A second source also confirmed to us that the test went really well as far as performance is concerned. Unfortunately, the microphone of the iPod touch 4G is not as good as the one on the iPhone; this could hold Siri back from that device if it can’t be overcome with software.

Well, these are rumors as yet, we will just have to wait and see.

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