Siri Works on iPhone 4 (video)

Yesterday we posted that hackers are working on a way to allow Siri to work on the iPhone 4 as well as the iPhone 4S. We have just received reports that they are not the only ones trying to achieve this as 9to5Mac has been working with Steven Troughton-Smith, the developer, to find a way to be able to port the iPhone 4S Siri voice command feature to the iPhone 4. The developer was able to get the initial steps of the port going after installing the iPhone 4S Siri and Springboard files onto an iPhone 4.

You can see in the video  below that the application’s  interface is able to load up with all the features from the iPhone 4S implementation. And BAM! You get Siri on the iPhone 4. Siri works on iPhone 4 video :

As you can see in the video when Siri is on the iPhone 4 it can recognize spoken commands in both the standard Siri view and the keyboard Dictation view. However the issue now is that obviously Apple are not authentication this application on the iPhone 4 server. Therefore the iPhone 4 does not have t he needed hardware to allow Siri to run normally. At this point, the Siri port can speak back to the user. So the issue is not Siri, bur it is that the iPhone 4 needs a special GPU driver where the Siri files are located.

The actual discovery here is that there is no technical reason disabling Apple from allowing Siri to run on the iPhone 4, as they haven now proved  that the iPhone 4 hardware does in fact support the Siri artificial intelligence system. Even though we heard rumors that the A4 processor would not be strong enough.

We are thinking that maybe Apple is making Siri an iPhone 4S exclusive as the A5 processor allows the application to run faster, or due to the new special microphone support that is added to the iPhone 4S.

Stay tuned as we will be updating you will everything we hear about this topic, and we are hoping that we hear great news very soon for iPhone 4 users.

via 9to5mac

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