Siri’s co-developer leaves Apple

With all the controversy – from patent infringement cases to succeeding in-app issues and concerns – revolving around Siri, Apple’s fabled self-contained search assistant for Apple devices had recently raked in the attention of netizens, with its co-creator leaving Apple’s ranks.

Also the Vice President of Engineering, Adam Cheyer who had co-created the app left the confines of what many consider to be the biggest name in the tech and consumer electronics industry, raising questions over the reasons why a developer of Cheyer’s standing would leave Apple.
Siri’s co-developer leaves Apple
Jon Erlichman of Bloomberg is reported to have been the first to raise the news, backed by a report from All Things D indicating that Cheyer had already left Apple since June, citing his reason for leaving as “to pursue other projects.”

Though its not really strange to hear of high ranking and notable developers and engineers leaving established and reputable organizations, the recent string of news noting that Apple had been quick in laying off its brick and mortar store personnel adds more intrigue over Cheyer’s decision to leave Apple.

Matched with the fact that Apple’s next generation of mobile devices is slated for release within the last quarters of 2012, the news is one which leaves many wondering just what is going on with Apple.

Siri was acquired by Apple in 2012, designed as a voice recognition assistant for personalized and enhanced web searches on various topics, products and reviews. One of the more notable “controversies” revolving around it included Siri’s initial positive attitude towards the Nokia Lumia, which is reported to have been “edited” by Apple, considering Nokia’s standing as one of Apple’s competitors.

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