So where’s Office for the iPad now?

When Smashiphone last talked about Microsoft’s Office for the iPad, we pretty much covered the different allegations noting that the Redmond-based company is seeing to the roll out of the software product for iOS, not for its Windows 8 for tablets mobile OS.

Based on the different allegations mentioned in our last post, it is revealed that the iOS-port of the mobile Office suite has been ready for some time, and that the odds of it actually arriving early than its for-Windows 8 counterpart are likely to be.

So where’s Office for the iPad now?

A recent report from Reuters essentially brings up this question, with Bill Rigby and Gerry Shih saying that Microsoft “already has a full iPhone and iPad version of Office ready for release. The only question is when Chief Executive Satya Nadella, who took over in February, will pull the trigger.”

microsoft office for ipad

With tablets increasingly taking the place once proudly occupied by portable computers, electronic consumers have longed for a functional Microsoft-branded Office suite for the iPad.

Considering the fact that the Office Suite has been integral in propelling the productivity suite standards for computers and electronic devices, an iPad user can’t be blamed for wanting to have Microsoft Office installed in his or her device for work-related tasks and purposes.

With the rumors of Office for iPad dating back to 2011, one can’t help but wonder if Microsoft is really all that keen in releasing the suite itself – considering that its Windows 8 and Surface tablet didn’t exactly soar high.

At this point and time, is it still safe to say that there’s really going to be an Office for iPad? Or is Microsoft just stalling for time when the software itself isn’t actually ready just yet?

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