Softonic Moba 1.0.3

With Softonic Moba we can download content from this download page on our iPhone without having to be visit the homepage.

Softonic Moba is a tool for the iPhone that offers the possibility to connect to the official Softonic page from the comfort of your mobile device and through a modern interface design with different navigation options.

If you are a regular follower of the “whats new” in applications, programs and content that are published on Softonic, then this application is for you. Softonic Moba allows us to download and navigate through very useful applications with customizable tools with a large number of possibilities. For example, you can get the latest news and releases of new versions in an innovative way, maximizing the small screen of your iPhone.

But how much difference is there between an application and the official Softonic? Well in reality the difference is noticeable, especially if we consider the options for organizing a library of favorites keeping some pending downloads. Similarly, you can navigate more quickly through the different sections for mobile phones, software, applications, accessories and more.

The design interface shows an interactive menu that has included some videos with commentary and analysis of some special programs. In addition, we also have thematic channels, a means to prioritize our interests, whether its video games, gadgets, codec, accessories and more.

Finally, Softonic Moba for iPhone also has a function to stay connected and share all kinds of information through social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

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