Song identification feature reported as upcoming highlight in iOS 8

Talk of Apple reportedly in the process of incorporating a song identification system in the upcoming version of iOS 8 has been rife, with other rumors noting that the said feature may just come with Siri-anchored integrations in the new iOS installment.

Based on a report from Bloomberg, Apple is reportedly working with Shazam in actually making the said feature a reality – a rumor that is backed by the fact that Apple has worked hand in hand with first-party app developers in the past, like it does with its Weather and Stock Market applications.

At its core, it is believed that the song identification feature will come with Siri-anchored integrations, allowing users to simply as “What song is playing?” and the like, thereby leading them to Apple’s Music app or iTunes Radio.

soundwaves with apple logo

Though it can be said that song identification technologies is not really anything new, its implications as a digital track discovery tool can not be ignored by record companies, considering how effective their utilization has been in driving sales from Apple’s iTunes music store.

With the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference slated to take place on June 2 this year, it is expected that Apple will be showcasing the new iOS 8 during the course of the event.

What do you think? Think a built-in song identification system is truly going to be something else for iDevice owners? Think Apple is simply just getting lazy with its “innovations”, seeing as how predictable this rumor is starting to describe the brand?

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