Sonivo Universal Induction Easy Speaker Review

When I ordered the Sonivo, I have to be honest with you that I had a feeling I’ll be disappointed when it arrives.

I guess my unfounded skepticism is mainly due to the fact that I have no idea what an “induction speaker” is (I still have no idea up until now). I mean, I’ve seen induction cookers but no spekers.

When the speaker did came, as always, excited as I am, I took it for a spin and boom! It barely didn’t have any amplification whatsoever if you just put your mobile phone on top of it the way its illustrated.

After an hour of playing with it, I slept dissapointed while charging the unit just to be sure it wasn’t an issue with power (this speaker doesn’t show if it’s low on power).

Come the following day, I brought the speaker to the office to show to my colleague and they played around with it.

Luckily, they found out how to use this speaker better than I did!

You have to be wary of wear your mobile phone’s external speaker is and that’s what you will put on top of the “sound images on this speaker. This isn’t very clear on the instructions so I guess my mistake is forgivable. :)

Now that we know how to properly use this “wireless speaker” of sorts, boy does it impress! I can’t help but keep playing tracks with it.

The loudness is approximately 3x what your phone speaker can give out and the clarify is somewhat improved 100% as well.

This is so loud that I have to lower down the volume of my mobile phone while its playing on top of it! No doubt a pretty neat mobile phone accessory and I highly recommend it to anybody looking for some serious sound in a small, very lightweight (but sturdy and built with quality for sure), and cool speaker (cool in the sense that I don’t think many know that you can play a speaker without bluetooth, wifi, or wires).

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