Speculations revolving around iPod nano shortage

As the rumors of a “full range device update” is forecasted to be for Apple this September/October, speculations involving and revolving around the shortage of current iPod nano models are reinforcing the possibility of the said rumor.

With the next generation iPhone being highly anticipated for release, along with the rumored release of the 7 inch sized “iPad Mini” also being the focus of countless electronic consumers, talk of a new iPod on the works has also be circulating, matched with the slated official release of the iOS 6 also within September/October.

iPod nano
With reports noting that Apple has NOT been resupplying stocks of the current iPod nano version, many have become convinced of the “full range device update” rumor for iDevices.

To date, the anticipated releases from Apple includes the new iPhone, the “iPad Mini”, an update in the iOS operating system, and new versions of the iPod nano and iPod touch.

Given the slated new dock connector port pegged to be found in the new iPhone, the speculations over the absence of new iPod nano stocks come with the slated unified new dock connector port being a standard in the next generation of upcoming iDevices.

To date, 9to5Mac notes that some of the biggest retailers of Apple’s products, including Best Buy, Walmart, Target and Amazon, have been experiencing a “shortage” of available iPod nano stocks, with no mention as to how soon they’ll be receiving new supplies of the current iPod nano version.

How true this rumor is will appear to be seen, given that September is fast approaching.

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