Sprint CEO Hinting About Getting The iPhone 5

sprint iPhone 5

iPhone fans are probably looking forward to the iPhone 5, which is expected to be announced on October 4th by Tim Cook , the new CEO for Apple. According to several previous reports, the next-generation iPhone (iPhone 5 ) will find its way to all major four US carriers, including SprintSprint has yet again hinted they are getting the iPhone 5 next quarter.

Today at an investor’s conference, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said that :

In order to reach their financial targets for the fiscal year, Sprint would need to get a “very strong fourth quarter.”

These words does not mean  a confirmation of  getting the iPhone 5, but Hesse did not issue that statement with an air of worry. Rather, he told those listening that while he would neither confirm nor deny if Sprint would get the iPhone 5 next quarter, the quarter’s financial guidance did not include iPhone numbers in the forecast.

Hesse Said:

“If we get it — if — we may have to adjust our guidance for that,”

We can understand that Sprint needs a strong fourth quarter and that will be by getting the iPhone 5.

Via CultOfMac

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