Sprint Customers are not getting their iPhone updates this year!

Is there anyone that still doesn’t think that Sprint is out to get the iPhone 5? If yes, then this is the topic you need to see.  David S an iDB reader forwarded them a letter that we have looked at, which as he quotes, Sprint sent to him. This letter is basically letting him know that the company was discontinuing it Premier Program.

This program allow the users that joined it to update their phones every 12 months along with other benefits that they we privileged to have.

If Sprint is getting the iPhone next month then why are its customers not getting their upgrades? Could it be that Sprint is preventing customers from upgrading their iPhones every year at the usual low price? This is defiantly a strange change of strategy considering that Sprint has always favored to be seen as the white and shining mobile carrier.

All in all, customers still can expect to benefit as strong competition always leads to a happy customer.


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