Steve Jobs Biography: Behind the Scenes iPad News

Now that the Steve Jobs’ biography is out we are discovering more and more interesting things about his life and the devices he introduced. We enjoyed reading all the behind the scenes facts that we may have been wondering about for many of years. Especially interesting were the behind  the scenes developments of the iPad.

It is told that when Steve Jobs was still thinking about the iPad and  testing it, Jonathan Ive created a number of mockup designs so that they could figuer out the right size for the iPad screen. They were thinking of the screen size and the aspect ratio together. They ended up going with a 9.7″ screen at a 4:3 aspect ratio. This was after they tried over 20 other sizes. Ive said,

The process began with Jobs and Ive figuring out the right screen size. They had twenty models — all rounded rectangles, of course — in slightly varying sizes and aspect ratios. Ive laid them out on a table in the design studio, and in the afternoon they would lift the velvet cloth hiding them and play with them. That’s how we nailed what the screen size was.”

At the time if you remember there were a lot of rumors around the 7 inch iPad and that it was going to be the next iPad, we now come to think that maybe it was  the design that came in 2nd place at the time, and that is why a lot of people thought that Apple would use it. When it comes to the processor it is told that Jobs had wanted to use the Intel’s low-voltage Atom chip. However, Tony Fadell argued for the ARM chip, which was used by the iPhone at the time, and he successfully was able to convince Jobs of doing so.

We remember that there was a lot of negative press around the iPad when it was first released. In the biography is states that this annoyed and depressed Jobs. We are told that Steve Jobs got over 800 emails on the day of the iPad launch and many of them were complaints.

Jobs was very much involved in the television ad for the iPad, and was keen on making sure that it sells it and makes it appeal to the customer. And take away some of the negative press that has been going around at the time. He came up with the idea of including textbooks as a feature on the iPad.

“His idea was to hire great textbook writers to create digital versions, and make them a feature of the iPad. In addition, he held meetings with major publishers, such as Pearson Education, about partnering with Apple.”

He specifically intended to make some textbooks free with the iPad, and such a system would appeal to costumers as it gave them the opportunity to save money during the slow economy.

Via Macrumors

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