Steve Jobs Biography Now Available

You have must have heard by now about the Steve Jobs Biography that has been released a few days ago. Walter Isaacson, whom is famous for his previous biographies that he has written has done an amazing job in this biography as well which illustrates to Steve Jobs family and the millions of fans all over the world what Steve Jobs’ life was like.

If you are a Steve Jobs fan don’t forget to Share this Book  on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter .

If you are a Steve Jobs fan don’t forget to share this book  on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter

Steve Jobs - Walter Isaacson

Walter Isaacson was in a number of interview, and we brought to you one that was with Jon Stewart in the Daily Show. You can now get you own copy of the book whether it is a hardcopy you are after or a digital copy.

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Walter Isaacson tell us how difficult it was to write a biography of a great man knowing that he is passing through a tremendously difficult period in his life, with regards to Steve Jobs’ illness. He described how Jobs was always optimistic and always said that he will be around to read the book a year after it was released. It is sad to think that he will not be with us, but we can be hopeful that his legacy will live on after him for many generations to come.

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