Steve Jobs Biography on Sale

Steve Jobs Biography is on sale. As you now that, the official biography of Steve Jobs is available now on Amazon and iBooks. Amazon spokesperson said that this biography is slated to become the top selling book of the year 2011.The biography of Steve Jobs is now on sale, go and book your copy.

The biography of Steve Jobs was written by Walter Isaacson. Isaacson had been working on a biography of Apple CEO Steve Jobs since 2009, the first biography of Jobs written with his full cooperation, with Jobs granting extensive interviews. Pre-orders of the book skyrocketed to the number one position at after news of Jobs’ death broke. Steve Jobs was published on October 24, 2011 by Simon & Schuster.

The book includes a lot of secrets which were unknown,  one of which includes the allegation on Android platform on stealing features from iOS and referring it as ” a stolen product ” by Steve himself . In the book Walter Isaacson has done a great job of describing Steve Jobs’ life story from birth to his end.

You can buy Steve Jobs Biography from Amazon for $17.88 which is a discounted price also you can download it from Apple iBooks Store for $16.99 for the ebook .

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