Steve Jobs’ initiative on the new iPhone

xContrary to most assumptions suggesting that the new iPhone forecasted to come out this September/October was designed to outsell its competitors, word is that that assumption turns out to be wrong.

How? As revealed by reports from Apple Insider, Steve Jobs’ “worked closely on” the new iPhone before his demise, including its reported larger screen form factor.

In fact, various statements from those in the know with Apple’s plans reveal that the company has been looking out for “bigger than 3.5 inches” since 2007.

The new iPhone’s 4 inch screen, if it does actually come to be, would be the    series’ biggest redesign since the first iPhone ever came out. The said redesign  would also call for adjustments in terms of aspect ratios for apps and such, but nothing really all that Earth-shattering for Apple or third party application developers.

There are concerns, however, pertaining to the mobile’s performance in relation to web-access and general internet surfing, given that bigger resolution-screens would call for relatively bigger graphics, which would translate to longer load times and/or bigger internet bandwidth consumption.

Battery power is also an issue which many are hoping “won’t be such a pain” in the next iPhone, given how quick the current iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S (with a default 1,400 mAh battery) would drain after an engaging web browsing session.

Though analysts and industry watchdogs agree that the new iPhone is to come out this year, not all are one in noting that it would come out this September or October, but fall seems to be the agreed period. Once it comes out, it’d be the next iPhone after 1 year, followed by the release of the iPhone 4S.

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