Steve Jobs Photos in Every Where in China (Fake)

steve jobs photos


Fake Steve Jobs photos in china (street every where)  we see lots of fake Steve Jobs biographies in the book stores from mainland China. If you can’t wait for the official Steve Jobs biography, why not pick up a fake one? They start from 38 yuan ($6), very affordable.

steve jobs photos

Best moments of Steve Jobs (Videos) here .


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On 28th August we reported Steve Jobs biography photos .

This report from MIC Gadget :

First, these fake Steve Jobs biographies are all over the shelves in China’s book stores. These Chinese-language books introduce the life of Steve Jobs, how Jobs change the world. We love one of the books’ title, “Love Steve Jobs”. The book covers Jobs’s innovative philosophies, and it even mention the sickness and health of Jobs. If you happen to be in China, feel free to visit the local book stores to get your hands on one of these interesting books!


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