Stuff You’ll Need To Start Your Own Spa or Salon

Everybody loves to be pampered and treat like royalty so it stands to reason that beauty salons and spas are big business these days. If you are thinking about starting your own spa or salon you may be overwhelmed by trying to think about all of the essential equipment you’ll need. Take a look at this quick check list to keep you heading in the right direction – and check out YescomUSA for more great ideas.

Admin Equipment

Whether you’re opening a beauty salon, hair salon or health spa you’ll need a few basic items of administration equipment. This includes things like telephone, cash register, appointment book, computer for book keeping etc. Other usual items include things like pens, pencils, stapler, calculator etc. Don’t forget to have a tip jar on the counter too.


Salon Equipment

When people enter a salon they want to be feel relaxed and comfortable and ready for a good pampering session. That’s why it’s important to have stylish yet comfortable furnishings. Chairs need to be comfortable yet easy to keep clean. That’s why many salons choose leather or leather type chairs with chrome fittings – they are easy to wipe clean between customers.


You will also need a good supply of big, fluffy towels, gowns and a washing machine to wash them in. Another fabulous idea is to have some towel warmers, particularly if you will be providing a massage service. There’s nothing quite as comforting as a warm fluffy towel to make you feel all gooey inside.

A comfortable waiting area will also be needed, preferably with some sort of sofa and a few magazines for clients to read while they wait for their appointment.

Hair Salons

If you are opening a hair salon you’ll need to think about a sink to wash the client’s hair as well as a supply of shampoos and conditioners, a large selection of combs, scissors, brushes, razors, clippers, dryers, hair straighteners, mirrors, aprons, gloves, coloring equipment etc. You will also need to have some disinfectant spray for cleaning your tools, hair dyes, mixing bowls and a few books or catalogues for your clients to browse through and choose their preferred style.

You may also need perming solution, neutralizer, a variety of perm rods, curlers, rollers, curling irons and more. Don’t forget hair sprays, gels, mousse, pins and clips. If you are going to have a supply of hair or beauty products for sale you will also need to have some shelving to display them.

Nail Salon

You’ll need a good selection of nail polishes if you are going to provide this service in your salon, as well as gallons of nail polish remover. Other things you’ll need include acetone manicurist solvent, orange sticks, nail clippers, emery boards, buffers, nail files, finger bowls, hand towels, lotions etc. Other items include a hand dryer, foot spa and cleaning products for your equipment. If you will be offering an acrylic nail service you will also need a full selection of them available to fit in with the various needs of your clients.


Basic Household Products

There are many other ordinary basic household products which you will need to have in your salon. We’re talking household brooms and dust pans, bleach, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, hand soap, paper towels . . . the list is almost endless.

Make sure that you provide a good service and that your salon is always welcoming, comfortable and clean. If you do this then there is no reason why your salon won’t be successful.

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