“Success is not making the most” – Cook, talking about Android’s growth

During the course of Apple’s shareholders meeting held last Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook, in the meeting’s question and answer session, managed to talk about what Apple has laid out in response to the growth of the Android mobile operating system platform.

Indicating that Apple does have the capacity to push for more products and devices, Cook explains that going that path isn’t exactly what he could consider as growth, quoted to say that “success is not making the most.”
Apple CEO Tim Cook
As a brand, Apple has managed to accomplish impressive feats last year, noted to have raked in 69% of handset industry profits in 2012.

While Android has exponentially grown through its distribution in multi-brand developed products, the Cupertino-based brand’s main rival, Samsung, has sold more handsets than Apple, yet still Apple managed to pull off an impressive 69%.

Cook also answered questions related to Apple’s supply chain, as well as questions pertaining to Apple’s upcoming headquarters.

Talking about how well the project is ongoing, Cook also talked about what the company has planned out in response to emerging markets, discussing there is a huge margin for growth in such regions, areas like Brazil and China.

Though a number of its investors did show concerns over market share analytics, Apple continues to maintain its “high product margin” approach, a move that hasn’t exactly caused a dent on Apple’s standing.

While a number of industry experts have expressed that Apple should ideally change its stance towards the development and release of its products, it appears that Apple is still going to do things the way it has, not perceiving success in terms of making the most.

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