SuperSpeed USB 3.0 – Thunderbolt’s rival by 2014

With transfer speeds rated to be as fast as 10 gigabits per second, the USB 3.0 Promoter Group recently announced an upcoming new USB standard by 2014, one that clearly stands to rival Apple’s Thunderbolt standard.

Apart from being fast, the new USB standard is also built with enhanced “backwards compatibility” features, which means that its implementation and utilization won’t affect the performance ratings and standards on current, on-hand USB-based products.

super speed usb
Essentially combined by HP, Intel, Microsoft, ST-Ericsson, Texas instruments and more, the USB 3.0 Promoter group is quite confident in its support for the new standard, which can be pegged as a rival to Apple’s Thunderbolt.

As a connectivity standard, Thunderbolt hasn’t really gone beyond Apple’s line of Macs, with support for high-speed connectivity requirements for secondary/multiple monitors and other data-speed centered devices like solid state drives.

The new SuperSpeed USB 3.0, with its featured data transfer speeds, is envisioned to support the same connectivity capacities of Thunderbolt, and given how popular the Universal Serial Bus standard is, leaves a forecasted image of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 leaving Thunderbolt behind.

Though the prospect of using new cables developed for the new standard is one which users will have to contend with, its 10 gigabits per second rated transfer speeds proves to be quite appealing.

Updates in relation to the standard’s power output delivery had also been announced, which also means that the new standard is more robust in powering or charging the batteries of external mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

So what do you think? Think SuperSpeed USB 3.0 would prove to win against Thunderbot in 2014?

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