SuperTooth’s Crystal Bluetooth Speaker – Review

When talking about portable sound setups, many products claim to have the boom-factor – that extra boost that is often sought for by electronic consumers – with one new portable speaker type gaining a lot of attention. Wireless Car Speakers.

Relatively new in the market, car speakers with Bluetooth connectivity features have been increasingly gaining attention, given the popularity of mobile gadgets which can readily play music like the iPhone.

The Crystal Bluetooth Speaker by SuperTooth stands out as a wireless car speaker system which works with iPhones, working on a hassle free, easy-to-setup feature which many iPhone users would want from such a device.

Here’s a quick look at the Crystal Bluetooth Speaker by SuperTooth.

SuperTooth’s Crystal Bluetooth Speaker – Wireless Crystal Clear Audio

With most automobiles NOT coming out with Bluetooth audio setups, the Crystal Bluetooth Speaker simplifies the “installation” of an impressive automobile sound system.

Given its wireless Bluetooth connectivity capabilities, iPhone users could easily link their mobiles with the speaker, without the involvement of wires. Also, apart from being a wireless iPhone speaker system, the device also doubles as a “hands-free” kit for iPhones, making it a handy device to make or take calls.

With a clip-on form factor, positioning the Crystal Bluetooth Speaker on a car’s visor is easy, and with its control and setup features being easy and conveniently positioned, drivers won’t have a hard time using the device with their iPhone mobiles.

Essentially a step up over a previous Bluetooth speaker system, the Crystal Bluetooth Speaker by SuperTooth is one impressive wireless speaker system for automobiles, the perfect choice for automobile owners whose vehicles didn’t come with built-in Bluetooth sound systems.

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