Surprise: Apple’s Novel iPhone 5S Fingerprint Tech Gets Hacked 1 Day After Phone Launch

Apple has done the unimaginable again: over 9 million units of its latest iPhone 5S and 5C sold upon launching (days ago). Whew! Truly awesome data, a stagerring 80 % increase when compared to its iPhone 5 sales last year and clearly the best performance for any launched Apple product so. Those Appleholics who could be reading this article on their iPad complete with an iPad keyboard case, be wary as a new Apple star has stolen the limelight!

iPhone 5SHowever, with all the fanfare over this awesome marketing milestone, there seems to appear a small glitch – a foreboding as some may call it – on the Cupertino-based teach giant’s horizon. Yes, it could be puny. But as word-of-mouth power could gather steam, this one can be toxic and could spell the beginnings of doom, if unchecked.

The Promise: Fingerprint Technology

Carrying the best-of-the-bunch iOS 7 operating system, the iPhone 5S boasts of trail-blazing security: fingerprint identification. With a fingerprint scanner, you alone gets access to your smartphone doing away with the clutter of passcodes and traditional passwords and using but your very own fingerprint.

Apple execs dubbed it the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, plugging it could provide a “very high level of security”. Revolutionary and cutting-edge, this security feature has gotten the consuming public’s imagination in no time, more than any.

Experts claim this kind of technology cost the tech giant millions of R & D budget easily.

The Challenge: Hack Touch ID

Wanting to look deeper into Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint technology, a group of tech experts from all over the country offered thousands of dollars just to get this particular system hacked.

Robert Graham, CEO of Errata Security, opined over a Bloomberg interview on September 20, 2013 that they have posed a challenge to people who want to beat this newest iPhone Fingerprint Lock. They are offering a $ 15K reward, together with bitcoins and a week’s supply of booze to the first person to do so.
Wanting to “put their money where their mouth is” and confident of this new Apple technology, Graham and his partners have raised the prize money from their own wallets.

One Day Too Soon

Yet, just one day after the iPhone 5S was launched, Germany’s Chaos Computer Club claims they have already cracked Touch ID.

What makes the revelation even more astounding is that these enterprising Germans claim they have “successfully bypassed” Apple’s Touch ID without utilizing hi-tech tools. Rather, they used what can be construed as “everyday tools”.
They hacked the premier fingerprint technology from Apple by creating a fake finger. This finger was imbued with a fingerprint photographed from a glass surface and processed just right to emulate a “real fingerprint”.

Speaking over BBC, Karsten Nohl, the chief scientist at SRLabs, a hacking think tank company in Germany, concluded that to claim that Apple’s Touch ID as a “high level security” feature is simply “ridiculous”.

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