Surprise from Apple IOS 5 Beta 4 OTA Update doesn't work on jailbroken devices!!!

In Unexpected Surprise from Apple and after few hours from releasing IOS 5 Beta 4 which you can download over the air to IOS 5 Beta 3 devices,Now we knew that this new version wont be able to update on jailbroken devices

These news was according to MuscleNerd who said on his tweeter account :

Actually Apple we were expecting that Apple will take strong Reserves in order to deal with jailbroking but not that fast

Now the only way you can Update to IOS 5 Beta 4 on your jailbroken device is the simple way you always do through iTunes just plug your device into the computer, download iOS 5 Beta 4 from Apple’s developer site and perform the update like you have always done.

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