T-Mobile : We Are Not Getting the iPhone 5 This Year

A leaked internal document from T-Mobile mentioned that the carrier will not offer the iPhone 5 on its network this year. A Previous rumors have suggested that Apple would open up iPhone availability on all US carriers with the iPhone 5 launch this Fall, But it seem to be just a rumor.

The document, obtained by TmoNews, cites a quote from T-Mobile CMO Cole Brodman during his speech at a Sept. 15th Town Hall Field Service Center.

Brodman said:

“We are not going to get the iPhone 5 this year,”

Noting that T-Mobile will introduce two new smartphones that should spark consumer interest ahead of the holiday season.

While there is always a hope and a prayer this is just misdirection for those of you with high hopes that this might finally be the year for an iPhone arrival we’re certainly a little disappointed by this single sentence. With an Apple announcement expected in the new few weeks we’ll know for certain then if we aren’t being misdirected here or just very disappointed.


Stay tuned for more iPhone 5 news and rumors  .


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