Tablets forecasted to bring down PC growths by 1%

Be it 50% or 1%, the fact is that the rise of tablets is forecasted to have significant impact in the PC arena, with industry analysis, expert opinions and surveys forecasting a PC downtrend by 1% to happen within 2012 to 2013.

Reports based on the most recent AlphaWise global consumer survey, released last Thursday, notes that the demand for tablets are cannibalizing the PC consumer market, revealing that previous trend estimates and forecasts are higher than what was initially estimated to be.

With portable tablet devices now becoming mainstay gadgets and gizmos, they stand up as “competitors” against computer systems, regardless if they are produced by the same brand.

Take the case of Apple, which stands as one of the world’s leaders in the development and release of portable tablet devices. Though there have been regular updates with iPads and iPhones, Apple has neglected to update one of its popular products, the Mac Pro desktop system.

With no recent updates close to two years, the success of its iPad is ascribed to be the cause of Apple’s non-focus on its professional desktop system line. In a sense, the Mac Pro has become the victim of the iPad, though how it would impact Apple, remains subject to interpretation.

The upcoming release of Windows 8 this Fall stands to be a big thing in itself, but as to how it would actually affect PC sales figures will largely depend on the increasing demand for tablets and mobile devices.

Though far from actually killing the PC industry, tablets, given their PC-like functional features and benefits, remain to be complementary PC gadgets, and their popularity doesn’t exactly translate to the end of the PC in general.

It just makes one think about what brands intend to focus on, from here on.

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