Samsung’s Tizen-powered Gear 2


Samsung recently announced the latest refreshed take of its Gear smartwatch line, one that highlights a “surprising” aspect that may just be the first step of many to come. Dubbed as the Gear 2, the smartwatch comes with a dual core processor, 512 … [Read more...]

Google’s Google Play Music All Access coming to iOS

Google Multiplatform Chief Sundar Pichai at D11 on the Evolution of Openness

Google, during the course of the D11 conference held his week, announced its plans of featuring Google Play All Access to the iOS platform, apart from rolling out in other mobile operating systems. Announced by senior vice president for Android, … [Read more...]

“Success is not making the most” – Cook, talking about Android’s growth

Apple CEO Tim Cook

During the course of Apple’s shareholders meeting held last Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook, in the meeting’s question and answer session, managed to talk about what Apple has laid out in response to the growth of the Android mobile operating system … [Read more...]

Samsung and Apple lead the US mobile market

smartphone fight

Not surprisingly, Samsung and Apple dominated the mobile market in the United States, based on the stats recently featured by Comscore. The stats indicate that Samsung is actually leading the mobile industry in the US, raking in a 26.3% total of … [Read more...]

iOS and Android US Market shares Balance Up

iOS and Android US

With figures based on the latest comScore study, it appears that the respective United States market share figures of iOS and Android are en route towards balancing each other out, with Apple’s iOS treading on an upward climb as a slow dip is noted … [Read more...]

The promised power of Wunderlist


For office team leaders and team members, Wunderlist is a nifty app to have, available in different platform versions for mobiles and computer systems. Primarily a “to-do” management and organization app, Wunderlust is made to streamline the … [Read more...]

New eBook : "Talking to Siri" Learning the Language of Apple’s Intelligent Assistant

TUAW have created an Amazon Kindle eBook with the title "Talking to Siri": Learning  the Language of Apple's Intelligent Assistant". This book is really helpfun and a concise resourse that helps the user discover Siri, and it is regardless of all the … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs: I'm going to destroy Android

The Associated Press succeeded in getting an early copy of the "Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs' Biography" and they have shared some interesting points with us. … [Read more...]

Enterprise Users: We prefer Apple over Android

AppleInsider reported results that have been published for a comparison that has taken place on which device is more popular between enterprise users. Last week the results were published by Good Technology that enterprise users have a clear … [Read more...]

Amazon Kindle Fire vs. iPad 2

You might have been wondering which should you buy the Amazon Kindle Fire or the Apple iPad 2? Well we have for you the ultimate comparison, and its up to you at the end which is more suited for you. … [Read more...]