The New Dropbox


Dropbox recently rolled out an updated version of the iOS version of the suite, focusing on a completely new design intended to mirror the design ethos of the new iOS 7. To be clear, the suite’s interface positioning essentially remains untouched, … [Read more...]

New BMW Approved apps for the iOS, announced


Four new apps for the iOS mobile platform were recently rated as BMW Approved apps, affording users with a new set of enhanced connectivity and music playback and sound management options. Included in the list are Audible, Glympse, Rhapsody and … [Read more...]

Apple Promotes Apps instead of only Gadgets


It is evident that electronic brands have been steady in promoting their wares, focusing on their devices as the stellar superstars which would grab countless consumers’ attentions. However, a feature recently run by Apple Insider notes that Apple … [Read more...]

A July 31 Reminder for Beta Users

iwork dot com beta

In a mass email campaign initiated by Apple, Beta users are reminded to backup all their stored files before July 31, 2012, as system updates and changes will take down all online saved information. The announcement falls in place with … [Read more...]

The TideTrac App for iPhone/iPad


Though not exactly a drop-proof, shock-proof, or a “won’t get busted if it gets drenched in the rain” mobile, the iPhone is actually a tough mobile, made to withstand the rigors of average rough handling in the part of mobile users, contrary to its … [Read more...]

Will Native Gmail App From Google be Coming To The iPhone Soon?

Every had trouble opening your gmail on your iPhone and wished for a Gmail app that would make your life just that much easier. Well you might not have to wait much for something like that to come your way. … [Read more...]